Families for Vocation and Healing Ministry

Promoting religious life vocation, and the healing of body and soul

fulfilling our mission

FVHM President Nomer Gutierrez  presents Bishops Myron Cotta and Bishop Emeritus Stephen E. Blaire of the Stockton Diocese with a $22,000 donation from proceeds of the 5th Bishop's Dinner for the Seminarians held November 18, 2017.

 This is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you. Thanks to the generosity and service of so many, we were pleased to be able to make this significant contribution. As the ministry grows, we hope to benefit many more seminaries and seminarians in the future. Purchase tickets
and/or donate

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6th Annual
Bishop's Dinner for the Seminarians:
Saturday, November 17, 2018
Location: Our Lady of Fatima Gym

Families for vocation
And Healing ministry

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Your Support is needed

The sacred funds FVHM receives help support incoming classes of noble Stockton Diocese seminarians studying for the priesthood. The annual cost per student is $35,000 for tuition and room
& board, with 7 seminarians currently enrolled. Much-needed funds will cover full costs for one seminarian, as none has the financial means to meet the Seminarian Education Program expenses. You are literally providing for the future of
​the diocese.

generosity heals

"Despite life's trials, we are fortunate to enjoy an abundance of blessings," says FVHM board member Arlaine Gutierrez. "Our faith in God is our power tool. It is time for us to give back," remembering that 'generosity always heals.'"

She notes that there is also spiritual healing of body and soul for ill members of the community through group prayers. Please pray for our ministry and those who give and those who receive support and services. "We are so blessed that anybody we ask is willing to give without hesitation."

Giving back

We give back to our roots by visiting remote areas of the Philippines to serve people in need. In 2013, year, the mission team helped some 800 people in one day – offering preventative care, illness treatment, first aid, medications, electrocardiogram testing, blood glucose screening, milk and a meal for all. In January 2016, with God's grace, we plan to bring all the supplies and knowledge to people again. View latest mission trip

FVHM mission trips are funded by each medical/dental and assistant team member. Your contributions help pay for medications, medical supplies, diagnostic tests, literature, etc.

"Most of us originated in the Philippines and have witnessed the struggle and outcome of peoople without access to healthcare," says FVHM board member Arlaine B. Gutierrez, MD. "Now that we are in the U.S. and have the resources available, it is time for us to help the marginalized members of our community locally and globally."

Locally, we participate in Stanislaus County community health fairs where we provide medical/dental health education and direct patrons to resources including free clinics and laboratory tests for the underserved. Our current team consists of 26 founding members and two priests, with several friends and students joining us in 2013. You are also invited to become involved!

 Healing of

the soul 

Healing of
the body

Vocations for
religious life